Specifically, many countries even issued a ban on this game. Fortunately, a few of those countries have lifted bans with this battle royale game.


PUBG Mobile was temporarily banned in Pakistan in early July 2020. The decision was taken by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority after local officials were concerned about the addictive nature of the game and its negative impact on the game. the youth of the country.

In a statement by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority through a press release, “PTA has received a lot of warnings to stop PUBG Mobile because of its addictive ability, wasting time and causing negative effects. serious problems to the physical and psychological health of young people “.

Officials give time for the community to respond to the plan to ban PUBG Mobile. Later, a lawsuit against the ban was filed with the Islamabad Supreme Court demanding the cancellation of the ban. After a few weeks, the court ordered the authorities to cancel the restraining order.


PUBG Mobile was banned in Nepal in April 2019. The Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) banned the game after a district court ruling.

Dhiraj Pratap Singh, representative of the authorities, said: “We have received some feedback from parents and schools about the impact this game has had on children. We have discussed with the doctors when asking the Kathmandu District Court to ban the game.
However, after several lawsuits were filed with the Supreme Court of the Himalayas, the Tencent game ban was lifted.


In September, Tencent’s survival game was banned by the Indian government and many other Chinese applications. So far, many stakeholders are pressing for the ban to be removed.

The lifting of the ban on PUBG Mobile so far is still desired by the gaming community as well as by Krafton. Information about the new version released by the Korean game company is circulating in the community.

It seems that the fate of the new PUBG Mobile will be changed as now hope is leading a reality.