Recently, there have been some rumors, especially in the Indian market that Free Fire will set foot on Sony’s new console platform PS5. Specifically, this rumor said that Garena invited Sony to do development cooperation to bring Free Fire to its next-generation console platform. PS5 will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful next-gen machines ever in the history of the gaming industry, and imagine what Free Fire will look like when it comes to the platform.


Immediately after the information about PS5 was released worldwide, some people in South Asia, including India, which has a very high percentage of Free Fire players think that the game they are currently playing The game will set foot on this new console platform, just like PUBG has done with Xbox and PS4 before.
Although many players have been playing Free Fire on PC, many gamers still think that playing “Fire” on the new console generation will be “much better”. PS5 was revealed last week with a design that surprised many people with a huge configuration, so many Free Fire gamers in India had hoped that their game would change when they set it up. This is the most modern console system.

Có hay không Free Fire sẽ đặt chân lên PlayStation 5 vào năm sau? - ảnh 2

These rumors, primarily from Free Fire community groups in India as well as through websites or youtube in the country. It was this information that disturbed many people and made them think this was true information, then eagerly expected this to actually happen in the future.
Until now, neither Sony nor Garena have given any confirmation on this and of course, there has not been any cooperation between the two giants. Therefore, the information that Garena brought Free Fire to PS5 completely stopped at rumors. However, this rumor has also made many players in India hope and look forward.

Free Fire is still one of the most famous survival shooting products in the world on the Mobile platform. But the game itself has encountered a lot of controversy and perhaps Free Fire is more suitable for mobile platforms instead of “eager to” set foot on other lands like PC or Console. PUBG itself has a console version because it is still the first game born on PC.
Therefore, to release a PUBG version for console devices is not too difficult. As for Free Fire, it will be completely different, especially when PS5’s too-modern hardware technology will be a big challenge if this game really wants to step on this machine in the future.