Recently, the collaborative product between the publisher Com2us and Day7, the role-playing mobile game Wannabe Challenge, has officially launched to global players. Wannabe Challenge tells a very new story about a female character who accompanies 4 of her friends on fashion design missions with the goal of becoming a social media star.

With a true storyline, charismatic characters, and attractive voices of famous actors are included in the game, now the Wannabe Challenge has attracted a huge number of fans in Korea. Another plus point is that the developer also cleverly integrates into the game characters with bold Korean personality and culture such as Goblins and Gat, this is expected to be a unique breakthrough contributing to the Wannabe Challenge. received love and interest in the global market.

Com2us plans to expand the content of the Wannabe Challenge at the start of the global service rollout and hopes to bring a whole new gaming experience to users around the world with language support English and Traditional Chinese in the game.

During this time, the game will also offer many attractive rewards for all players who have participated in the pre-registration event. In addition, gamers also have the opportunity to receive more in-game items on every server based on participation milestones.
What’s more, loads of fun events will take place during the Wannabe Challenge to celebrate the Halloween holiday season. When participating in the mission of the event, players can receive limited edition cards with the heroine’s 4 cool family friends.