Clash Squad Rank is one of the more popular arcade game modes in Free Fire in addition to the regular battle royale. It brings the map gameplay “catch the flag” from the traditional shooter into the game. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the skills you should choose in this mode.

About Team Clash

In this mode, 8 people from 2 teams will play against each other in the best 7-match series – the first team to win 4 matches will be the winner. Playzone for Clash Squad will be a small area in Kalahari or Bermuda.

Since you can only choose between a limited number of weapons and short rounds of play, it’s important to choose the right character’s skills to get the most advantage.

Which character to use in Clash Squad?


At the beginning of each round, you will get 235 HP instead of 200 HP as usual. Having more HP than the enemy is helpful in this mode, as you will be able to win 1 on 1 fights most of the time.


Alok’s skills are still the strongest in the game – healing and speed boosts are useful in all situations and this is no exception.


Jota’s continuous raid will heal you with a huge amount of HP after every kill you use with SMGs and Shotguns. These two weapon classes are much more powerful than normal in this mode – with the map confined to a small area.


You’ll have to fight continuously in this mode and nothing can beat Jai’s reloaded Furious in fighting multiple enemies. Once destroyed, half of your magazine will automatically fill up so you can continue participating.


The Joseph’s Nutty Movement is quite useful in melee situations – you can retreat to cover much faster than usual.