The year 1977 marked the first “prize-winning” Esport tournament to be held and the prize for the winner was a Ferrari worth about $ 130,000. Until recent years, the awards of Esports tournaments have reached millions of dollars.
To get such a big reward, the majority of game publishers will “raise funds from the community” by selling costumes, items in the game. Valve, the publisher of Dota 2 and CS: GO, is the most successful fan-raising company.

1.The International 9 – 34.4 million USD

This is the largest Dota 2 tournament in the world organized by Valve itself. After 9 times of organizing, the prize amount of the prize always tends to increase steadily. In the first year of organization, the bonus is only 1.6 million USD, but by 2019, the bonus will reach 34.4 million USD and is expected to continue to break a record in the following years.

2.The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals – $ 30.4 million

Although it was the first time the Worlds was held, Fortnite made a big deal because of the huge amount of bonuses that the competitors of other games had to admire. The tournament selected only the two modes Solo and Duo to compete, the winning players received a $ 3 million prize money.

3. The 2018 League of Legends World Championship – $ 6.4 million

Since 2017, developer Riot Games has been selling costumes only during Worlds and using that money as a reward for the champion team. After only one year, the prize money increased to 6.4 million USD and became the Grand Final with the largest prize pool. The champion of that year, Invictus Gaming, received a prize of $ 2.4 million.

4.Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series – Clubs Standings – $ 4 million

Only after a year of launch, the game Fortnite has stormed the genre of survival. Along with that boom, publisher Epic Games has promised to invest $ 100 million as a bonus for all Fortnite tournaments. The Fall Skirmish Series Prize also received great attention with a total prize money of 4 million USD.

5. The Dota 2 Asia Championship – $ 3 million

This Dota 2 tournament was held in Shanghai, China. Although not receiving the attention of the fans, the total prize money of this tournament is also very large, up to 3 million USD.

6.The Dota 2 Valve Majors – $ 3 million

First held in 2015, the Dota 2 Valve Majors can be considered a second-class tournament for teams to accumulate points and win tickets to join The International’s largest Dota 2 tournament. Although it is only the second division, the prize amount of the prize is up to 3 million USD.

7.The 2015 Smite World Championship – $ 2.6 million

If you don’t know, Smite is a 3rd-person MOBA game. The initial prize of the tournament is not too big, but after raising funds from fans, the total prize money has increased to 2, 6 million USD. The 2015 champion team also received a $ 1.3 million prize money.

8.The 2016 Halo World Championship – $ 2.5 million

The Halo World Championship was sponsored by Microsoft with a total of $ 2.5 million and the champion team that year received $ 1 million.

9.The 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship – 2 triệu USD

This is the only Call of Duty tournament on the list despite a large community of players. To attract players as well as increase the attractiveness for the tournament, game publisher Activision has doubled the prize money to $ 2 million. The 2019 Call of Duty World Championship will also have a total prize money of $ 2 million.

10. The 2017 Mid-Season Invitational – $ 1.7 million

In addition to the World Championship, League of Legends has an additional mid-season tournament for teams to earn points and win tickets to the World Championship. The reward of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational was initially only $ 250,000 but eventually increased to $ 1.7 million thanks to the enthusiastic support of the fans.