GTA is still one of the best-selling game series in the world and this popularity has been made use of by the Indian gaming industry. Here are some attractive mobile games showing that.

Sarkar Infinite

Sarkar Infinite not only borrows the story of the famous Tamil movie “Sarkar” but also the fast-paced gameplay of GTA. It turned out to be a great mix and match with breathtaking melee combat, not to mention the ability to customize the player’s character.

Sarkar Infinite is an interesting action game made in India

Bhai The Gangster

If the Italian mafia gangs and the Japanese gangster underworld are described in detail with the Mafia and Yakuza series, India also has a game about a dark corner of its society. The Gangster tells the story of a former bandit who has to retreat into the underworld to avenge his lover’s death.

That premise paves the way for a Bollywood-themed action mobile game, in which you encounter conversations in Hindi and a host of typical Indian things like a tricycle or a sandwich stall.

Being SalMan

Bollywood superstar SalMan Khan has been featured on numerous Indian action movies. So it’s no surprise that the actor’s name has become a GTA-style mobile game. To put it plainly, the game includes nearly all of the celebrities Salman Khan has played during his long career.

Being SalMan is a GTA-style mobile game

Each map comes with new quests and higher difficulty. Players can choose to participate in street battles with both guns and melee weapons. After all, Being SalMan is considered by Indian players as the most perfect replacement for those who love GTA or actor Salman Khan.

Bhai The Gunda

Being one of the most attractive android games in India, Bhai The Gunda takes players into the world of Indian gangsters with gameplay mainly around the open-world map based on the city of Mumbai. This mobile game looks like a miniature version of GTA Sand Andreas with diverse gameplay such as wandering the streets, robbing a car, or ending the rival gang.

Indian Chor Police

Instead of playing the usual gangster, players will play as a police team in this mobile game with the mission to wipe out the bad guys from the streets of Mumbai, Delhi, and Punjab.

To complete the game, you are required to go through more than 30 different missions, so do not hesitate to explore new locations in every map. Make good use of the in-game arsenal and protect the cities with all your ability.