Tencent is a leading Chinese technology company and it is occupying many businesses including video, messaging apps, and now entertainment, movies.
The US tech giants are targeting the entertainment industry as evidenced by many companies including Apple, Amazon, and Facebook spending billions of dollars to develop original content and programs and shows.
However, to imagine the future where a single technology company dominates every aspect of the entertainment industry, look at China – where the giant Tencent is rushing towards this goal.

Tencent’s eSports division has partnered with an education company in China to offer e-sports courses online.

Tencent mở khóa học online về eSports cho game thủ trong mùa dịch Covid-19

As is known, during the Covid-19 epidemic, many recreational activities – including e-sports events/tournaments – were postponed, affecting the sector’s revenue. In light of this fact, many eSports businesses in China have created online educational courses to cater to gamers and esports enthusiasts, such as Tencent.

Tencent mở khóa học online về eSports cho game thủ trong mùa dịch Covid-19 - ảnh 1

At the end of February, Tencent’s eSports division announced a partnership with Chinese education company SuperGen Education and will release eSports-related courses on the Penguin Esports March live streaming platform. The courses will last 4 weeks and focus on basic knowledge as well as professional skills. Tencent will also invite some famous eSports employees, gamers and streamers to share their personal experiences in these online courses.
More specifically, after finishing the course, students can participate in the assessment and have the opportunity to become a trainee with good compensation at Penguin Esports.