A few days ago, the results of the Golden Plume Award were announced to the community by the organizers. After months of fierce competition with many competitors, Snail was honored to win 2 awards for their 2 mobile games.

The two products, Darkness and Light Mobile, won the award for the most anticipated mobile online game and City of Heroes II, which won the award for the most anticipated mobile game and excellent original mobile game. This once again demonstrates Snail’s excellent research and development capabilities.

Darkness and Light Mobile is a sandbox (open world) role-playing game in an attractive fantasy survival style adapted to mobile phones. In this game, the design maker has 3 races (Humans, Elves and Dwarves). Your race needs to be initially selected and determined when participating in the game. Each type possesses magic power and different abilities in a life of free adventure.
City of Heroes II is an epic war strategy mobile game developed by Snail. The game applies an AI simulation system based on historical documents of different civilizations, builds strategy as well as creates a vivid civilization, recreates the battle history of humanity in won territory.

According to the professional council, since its inception, Snail has always had a great vision to create the best mobile games. The company has a business philosophy of “taking technology as the core, towards product value”, and is committed to providing users with a better experience. In recent years, based on a change in product strategy. Export, Snail has been at the forefront of participating in the sandbox game segment in China, while actively deploying games in this area. You will see that its products have a majestic game scene, the image quality is very cared for, vivid details with top notch visual effects … Many games use the Unreal 4 Engine, providing similar experiences. satisfied with the eyes.

Over the past 15 years, the Golden Plume Award has been an established prestigious award of the Chinese game industry, along with CGDA (for game developers). Attractive and valuable products will be honored and recognized through the awarding of this award. In 2020, many competing games showed a fierce race on the mainland market.