Resident Evil 7 became the best-selling game in the Resident Evil series, beating out Resident Evil 5 to take the top spot with 200,000 units. Spanning over two decades and numerous gaming consoles, Resident Evil is without a doubt one of the oldest and most iconic games in the platform’s history. Over the years, the series has become more and more blockbuster giant, the subsequent installments in the series have earned millions of dollars when released.
Until recently, the best-selling game in the iconic horror series was Resident Evil 5 with a whopping 7.7 million copies. The fifth game, however, has been usurped by a much newer successor, with reports confirming that Resident Evil 7 has finally taken the throne as the best-selling Resident Evil game of all time. It’s also the second best-selling Capcom game of all time behind Monster Hunter World, currently selling 16.1 million copies.

Resident Evil 7 lọt top game bán chạy nhất mọi thời đại của Capcom

Remakes of the series have achieved a staggering 7.9 million copies during its lifetime, which is extremely impressive considering the difference from the formula established in the original versions. Resident Evil in advance. Instead of continuing the third-person intense survival horror style of the first series or the more action-packed style of the following installments, Resident Evil 7 instead chose to focus on the first-person perspective to create the distinct from its predecessors. It goes back to the essence of the survival horror game while taking some big risks, cutting out many of the best aspects of Resident Evil to recreate itself into a game that can thrive today. .
Apparently, its greatest risks paid off. This is a good sign for Resident Evil 8: Village that will capitalize on the same style that made the 7th installment of the series such a huge hit. The sequel will premiere on next-generation consoles in 2021, with the plot going on much broader than the Baker family, with protagonist Ethan exploring a strangely infected snow village. some new enemies have never seen. It is clear that the game will capitalize on the similar dramatic nature of the previous installment with werewolves, wizards, and most oddly the longtime mainstay of the Chris Redfield series seems to take on the villains.

Resident Evil 7 lọt top game bán chạy nhất mọi thời đại của Capcom - ảnh 1

It seems Resident Evil 7 is a huge leap for the company, it’s great to see a re-creation of such a successful long-standing game with a huge number of loyal gamers. Now that Resident Evil 7 is the second most successful title in Capcom’s history, gamers can probably expect to see many of its titles try something completely new as things get old.
Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, PSVR, and Xbox One.