Plague Inc: Evolved simulates the spreading of a global pandemic that threatens genocide, providing a valuable lesson in fighting disease.

Plague Inc: Evolved is a real-time strategy game (RTS) combined with simulation. This is the only product of Ndemic Creations that has been attracted a great attention of game community, European medical experts, and even Center for Disaster Protection (US) due to its authenticity and educational value.

Plague Inc: Evolved is based on a story of a pathogen on the first infected patient named “Patient Zero”. Players will use bacteria, viruses, … to create a pandemic with the goal of destroying humanity. The battle sounds easy, but the RTS series requires a very effective strategy to achieve victory. The game will end if the disease cannot spread around the world, and human find a cure.

The highlight of Plague Inc: Evolved is the system of more than 10 different pandemic types. Each pandemic will be initiated by a specie of bacteria, viruses, biological weapons, and even pandemic zombies also appear in this game. Each disease will have diagrams to increase symptoms, spread and resistance to disease of each organisms.

In addition, all symptoms such as cough, pneumonia, and circulatory system disorders leading to death are also described truthfully. The intermediate of spreading out might be animal (bird, mammal, …); insects like mosquitoes; contact between people such as kissing, holding hands, sneezing…

Depending on each person’s strategy, the game will have different approaches to each country.

Plague Inc: Evolved is rated hard by the game player community. But it is extremely addictive. Initially when you start playing, you will feel very easy when in turn the disease spread everywhere, but humanity will resist by closing the harbor,  blocking the airport or even the border to prevent the infection. So you have to avoid the attention from others as much as possible and upgrade the ability to spread across multiple hosts.

Because of its authentic simulation, many experts are interested in Plague Inc: Evolved.The initial feeling about this game seems a bit creepy but it brings a lot of values, help the player to understand the mechanism of spread, transmission and evolution of the disease.