The graphic blockbuster Mir4 is set to test in October

According to information from the Korean press, game company Wemade said that it will release a trial version of the mobile game MMORPG Mir4 on October 29. It is expected that the game will also be released in early 2020. This is a promising product in terms of graphics and will compete with titles of the same genre of other “giants” such as NCSoft, Netmarble …

Specifically, Mir4 Mobile game is developed according to the role-playing genre of many players. The game has a world setting based on the PC game version of The Legend of Mir 2 which was released in the land of kimchi from the past. This mobile version is a continuation of 500 years later with many new developments and events aimed at bringing gamers many interesting experiences.

This role-playing game will be divided into 4 main character classes including Warrior, Swordsman (almost Samurai), Mage and Taoist. Each profession possesses a main weapon with a system of unique combat skills. For example, the Warrior will have a knack for defense, extremely good armor / shield, and a large amount of HP. While Mages are good at magic, attack long range and counter the opponent …

The game builds many activities with the familiar PvE, PvP mechanism in the role-playing game. Players will unleash all over the place and perform many jobs. You can make friends, exchange and share, join alliances, trade freely, bounce strength …

The Wemade game has the ultimate Unreal Engine graphics, no less than the mobile AAA games of other Korean brands such as Lineage 2, Blade and Soul: Revolution, Tera Classic, V4 … Players will feel the grandeur and “hegemony” in each “combo” blow, as well as the vivid image of the monster and space creation.

According to the official announcement, this limited test will take place for 3 days from October 29 to 31 to improve service quality before the game officially launches. This is quite a short period of time. Currently, gamers can still register on the homepage of this game to wait for Closed Beta.

The free mobile app that allows you to play all PC games on your phone

Rainway is an application that allows you to play blockbuster PC games on your phone through streaming.

With the era of multi-platform exploding, the need to experience a game on many different devices is increasing. This trend has been captured by the major game makers and deployed it into cloud gaming services, streaming games on computers, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Among these, Rainway is an outstanding application that allows you to play blockbuster PC games on your phone via the streaming method. The app supports connections with all types of controllers, including standard controllers like DualShock or Xbox One, and works best with wireless controllers.

Besides the development of the gaming portal apps, game streaming apps also quickly develop and become popular today. Rainway app was brought to the Android operating system after nearly a year of launch on iOS. This is an app that lets you play any of your favorite PC games on your phone with the best-layered power in streaming technology.

Rainway is an app that lets you play any of your favorite PC games on your phone

The Android version promises great visual experiences, whether gaming in the comfort of your couch or while out and about. It is compatible with all controllers, including your Dualshock or high-end Xbox One controller. If you are the type of person who likes touch controls, they are said to be responsive and optimized as much as possible.

With the latest version of Rainway released, the 4G LTE network is enhanced, while also adding support for 5G network connectivity. According to CEO and co-founder Andrew Sampson, this is the first game streaming service to bring a new solution for people to tomorrow’s technology today when it can connect to 5G networks.

The Android app is compatible with Android Lollipop or higher. The setup process is as simple as keeping your phone connected to your desktop, then you can easily access your game library with just one touch.

While most gamers use Steam links to stream their library of PC games on their phones, Rainway allows you to stream games purchased elsewhere including Epic Games Store and GOG.


In the latest version, Rainway has improved 4G connectivity and 5G support, becoming one of the first applications to support this new generation connectivity standard. If you feel interested and want to try you can find the application on the Apps Store and Play Store, the application is completely free and continues to develop and upgrade in the future.

Top 5 Fortnite Mobile alternatives on iOS

After the total flop between Apple and Epic Games, which caused the latter Fortnite game to face a ban from all iOS platforms and devices, Battle Royale gamers are now looking for an alternative.
However, the Fortnite Mobile iOS ban has undermined their fun, and for the past few weeks they’ve scoured Apple’s game store for titles that could be as interesting and addictive as Fortnite Mobile.

So if you are one of the many unfortunate people still looking for an alternative to Fortnite Mobile, then we have the perfect list for you today.

1. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is one of the newest sandbox titles in the block and has a lot of similarities to Fortnite. However, in terms of gameplay, it’s closer to PUBG Mobile
You are dropped on the map by a plane, started looting and fighting right away like Fortnite. But that said, the most promising aspect of Rules of Survival is that one of its maps is called Fearless Fiord, which can hold up to 300 gamers, and that’s quite unique for a title. battle royale game.
Rules of Survival has gained a lot of popularity since the end of this year and is currently reaching 50 million downloads, with a rating of 4.5 on iOS.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile will be one of the best alternative to Fortnite on iOS, as it offers an incredibly enjoyable experience.
In addition to realistic graphics and flexible character controls, the game also has many different game modes. In addition to the battle royale genre’s features, it also offers modes like deathmatch 5v5, CoD Black Ops, and more.
However, the realistic graphics are like a double-edged sword for Call of Duty Mobile. It takes up more space than the Fortnite game.

3. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is not exactly an easy game to play and it comes with many unique mechanics.
These features have made Cyber Hunter a sought-after game in today’s competitive iOS market.

Cyber Hunter’s anti-cheat system isn’t great, and if you’re planning on experiencing this game, be prepared to face a few hackers on your server.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

The most interesting feature in Garena’s Free Fire is its fast speed. Like Call of Duty Mobile, the game feels very smooth with character models that are easy to control.
Each Free Fire match takes about 10 minutes to end and that’s exactly what makes the game so popular with fans. Since it comes with its very own voice chat feature, you won’t have to rely on any third-party apps every time you want to chat with your friend.

5. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale features a game mode that revolves around a battle royale system consisting of 32 players per match, and each match lasts around 5 minutes, giving you a bit of tension amid your busy schedule.

Genshin Impact announced a dense Update roadmap

Despite the “plagiarism” allegations, Genshin Impact is one of the biggest phenomena in the mobile game industry recently. In particular, Genshin Impact is considered to be the game originating from China with the most successful debut in the Western market.

Genshin Impact makes a good impression by building a large, colorful open world that can be explored by players using a variety of methods. In addition, the battle mechanism of the game is also very unique thanks to the ability to change many characters, as well as the fighting mechanism with unique elements. Currently in play is attracting and maintaining a large community of gamers, including many gamers of all three platforms PC, mobile and PS4.

Before the initial success of Genshin Impact, developer MiHoYo has just announced plans to launch serial updates of the game. Accordingly, there will be three updates will be released 1.1 (11.11.2020), 1.2 (23.12.2020) and 1.3 (02.2021).
Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact will mainly fix the current bugs of the game, with the ability to lock items, the ability to quickly use items, and customize the function of the buttons (which is of most concern). Version 1.2 will introduce an entirely new area called Dragonspine Mountain, while version 1.3 will feature the Lantern Rite Festival event.

Among Us started to be attacked by fraud

Attracting millions of players, reaching a huge amount of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, becoming a famous mobile game (number of players at the same time) in the top of Steam, … Among Us has has become a popular name in the gaming industry in recent years.

However, as a rule often happens for games with a large community: Among Us is becoming a victim of cheats (hack / cheat). On the forums and social networks of Among Us, you can easily recognize the “cry for help” of real gamers.

There are many forms of cheating being used by fraudsters in Among Us. Since the hack versions interfere with the system data, the “evil” Imposter characters can continuously “slaughter” other characters without limitation. On the contrary, the Crewmate character also has cheating software to see through who is Imposter, fast moving, “immortal” …

Some of the more “wicked” Among Us players did not use hacking software, but tried to cheat the game by playing with groups of close friends, then exchanging information with third-party communication software to take advantage of them. advantage of the game.

In the recent sharing, Among Us’s development team, InnerSloth has announced a specific plan to minimize hack / cheat. In the short term, Among Us’s account system will be upgraded and tweaked by InnerSloth, as a basis for developing a set of tools to track and report hack / cheat. In addition, an independent anti-hacking software is also a choice that InnerSloth is considering.

Dubbed a super game, but Marvel’s Avengers has disappointed gamers

Marvel’s Avengers is a mobile game that has received a lot of positive reviews from professionals as well as gamers. Released on September 4, this game is considered a new wind for the old and outdated superhero game series in the past decade. Marvel’s Avengers has a pretty good story, great bosses, and flexible fighting mechanics. However, besides, it’s not difficult to see the disappointing weaknesses that still exist of Marvel’s Avengers. Hopefully in the next game, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers will have appropriate improvements to help the game truly become a superhero game genre.

Marvel’s Avengers has some audio and visual issues

While it’s still acceptable, it’s undeniable that Marvel’s Avengers has some technical problems. Usually when a new game comes out, there will be bugs, big and small, and developers need to fix those problems in the coming weeks. Marvel’s Avengers is no exception.

Players will likely notice a noticeable drop in frame rate in certain areas. When there are characters on the screen and many effects, sometimes Marvel’s Avengers is slowed down and annoying. This may be due to the limitations of current hardware, but the reality remains that the Avengers barely meet the needs of trying to do too many things at once.

There are also some videos with an out of sync sound. Gamers will see Bruce Banner’s lips move, but the words don’t match the image. This can really annoy a lot of people and be forced to remember that you’re playing a video game instead of living in the world of the Avengers.

Having been defeated or on a failed quest must wait a long time to continue playing

While players may not die or fail in a video game encounter, these aspects often contribute to the experience. You make mistakes and learn, try to do better next time. And if you wait too long while the screen keeps loading, it’s easy to get bored

Unfortunately, when playing Marvel’s Avengers there are times when you come across this. If you are caught in hiding, you will be forced to stare at the loading screen until you have another chance. If you miss an action, you can both … yawn while watching your favorite Avengers characters before starting the mission again.

And here’s the weird thing about this game: it doesn’t take long to reload. Sometimes you can immediately revive. At other times, you must wait twenty or thirty seconds before you can start over. This is really an issue that Marvel’s Avenger needs to fix quickly.

Multiplayer mode is not unique

Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer levels are nothing short of outstanding. Most of the time you appear in the middle of an empty area, with nothing but trees and mountains, which is pretty vague to start with. You need to run around trying to find something cool to do or not. And usually, after you’ve run out of legs, you’ll find a group of enemies patrolling.

You can search around, find more enemies and be able to locate some loot chests. You can then progress to your final destination: usually a room full of enemies, from weak to strong. Beat them and you’re pretty much done. It’s true that Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer levels are not attractive enough to players, creating a sense of exhaustion of ideas or lack of responsibility in the content design.

The interesting mobile games identical to GTA that are made in India

GTA is still one of the best-selling game series in the world and this popularity has been made use of by the Indian gaming industry. Here are some attractive mobile games showing that.

Sarkar Infinite

Sarkar Infinite not only borrows the story of the famous Tamil movie “Sarkar” but also the fast-paced gameplay of GTA. It turned out to be a great mix and match with breathtaking melee combat, not to mention the ability to customize the player’s character.

Sarkar Infinite is an interesting action game made in India

Bhai The Gangster

If the Italian mafia gangs and the Japanese gangster underworld are described in detail with the Mafia and Yakuza series, India also has a game about a dark corner of its society. The Gangster tells the story of a former bandit who has to retreat into the underworld to avenge his lover’s death.

That premise paves the way for a Bollywood-themed action mobile game, in which you encounter conversations in Hindi and a host of typical Indian things like a tricycle or a sandwich stall.

Being SalMan

Bollywood superstar SalMan Khan has been featured on numerous Indian action movies. So it’s no surprise that the actor’s name has become a GTA-style mobile game. To put it plainly, the game includes nearly all of the celebrities Salman Khan has played during his long career.

Being SalMan is a GTA-style mobile game

Each map comes with new quests and higher difficulty. Players can choose to participate in street battles with both guns and melee weapons. After all, Being SalMan is considered by Indian players as the most perfect replacement for those who love GTA or actor Salman Khan.

Bhai The Gunda

Being one of the most attractive android games in India, Bhai The Gunda takes players into the world of Indian gangsters with gameplay mainly around the open-world map based on the city of Mumbai. This mobile game looks like a miniature version of GTA Sand Andreas with diverse gameplay such as wandering the streets, robbing a car, or ending the rival gang.

Indian Chor Police

Instead of playing the usual gangster, players will play as a police team in this mobile game with the mission to wipe out the bad guys from the streets of Mumbai, Delhi, and Punjab.

To complete the game, you are required to go through more than 30 different missions, so do not hesitate to explore new locations in every map. Make good use of the in-game arsenal and protect the cities with all your ability.

Top 3 most used sniper rifles in Call Of Duty Mobile

Sniper rifles have always been a top weapon in any Call of Duty version. The high power and almost absolute precision of this gun are enough to appeal to every gamer. With COD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile is no exception when this game has a lot of sniper guns to choose from. If you are struggling to know which is the best choice for you, please refer to the top 3 most used guns that I summarize below.

1 – DL Q33

At one point, the DL Q33 was the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile. However, as the seasons passed, more sniper rifles were born and the DL Q33 was slightly repositioned. Of course, this doesn’t dissuade this gun, on the contrary, the DL Q33 is still considered one of the best in its class thanks to its high lethality and solid accuracy.

The fast action nature of the DL Q33 means you won’t be able to shoot multiple shots in semi-automatic mode. However, if you can hit the upper body, you should have no problem using this weapon in COD Mobile.

2 – Locus

Next up is the Locus sniper rifle, introduced in Part 2 of COD Mobile. It fell from number one due to its relatively slow aiming time.

However, its damage is much better than that of the DL Q33, which is why it ranks second on the list, not third. Using the attached accessory on the Locus might improve its weaknesses, but it’s not enough to be number one on the list.

3 – Kilo Bolt-Action

So technically the Kilo Bolt-Action is a Marskman Rifle, not a sniper. However, we still lump together with snipers due to the many similarities that the genres share. That said, the Kilo is possibly the best weapon of all COD Mobile and not just the sniper / sniper rifle type.

It boasts high damage, great rate of fire, and terrible accuracy. It is also possible to use Ironsights, which only improves its overall abilities.

Top games like Call Of Duty Mobile (Part 1)

There are plenty of high-quality shooters like COD Mobile on the Google Play Store. Gamers can try games similar to COD Mobile in the games below.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been available for download since March 2018. The adaptation of Tencent’s popular PC game goes in a similar format: massive battles with 100 players from all over the world. It’s a best option when it comes to similar titles to Call of Duty Mobile.

Though this is one of the most realistic Battle Royales out there. The gamer’s Android mobile device or tablet doesn’t need high specs to start playing, only 2GB RAM and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher.


It’s hard to give an explanation at this point on how this game has made it to the world in recent years. Fortnite on Android has millions of downloads, and it’s no surprise it’s in the top 3 of all mobile shooters right now.

However, the game can only be downloaded from the Epic Games website at this time. Be careful when starting to play as it can affect each gamer’s personal life. As stated by Divorce Online, Fortnite is one of the leading causes of divorce in 2018.

Modern Combat Versus

This first-person shooter (FPS) puts the player as an agent who must go to the battlefield to destroy all his enemies. You can participate in 4v4 multiplayer battles or gamers can decide to form their own team to play with gamers from other parts of the world.

Gem players can easily control the characters. In addition, the quality graphics will help players fully immerse themselves in the confrontations. A great choice for titles like Call of Duty Mobile.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is one of the best games similar to COD Mobile for Android. The player’s goal is to save humanity by completing more than 200 missions in the game, which take place in 4 different territories. To achieve this, players will have hundreds of weapons, equipment, skills, and accessories.

Dead Trigger 2

One of the most played titles in the category of mobile and tablet shooters. In this game, gamers will not get tired of destroying zombies with all kinds of military weapons. This is the game with the best graphics that players can find on a mobile phone.

Dead Trigger 2’s success is due to the fact that it is currently completely free. This makes Dead Trigger 2 one of the best titles like Call of Duty Mobile on this list.

The Witcher Pokemon Go-style monster catcher is coming soon

Recently CD Projekt Corporation has officially released the game The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This is an interactive virtual reality game through the prism of your phone. The game is set in The Witcher and your goal is to go out and collect as many monsters as possible. This is an extremely interesting combination between the gameplay of Pokemon GO and the universe of The Witcher.

This game has many outstanding improvements compared to its predecessor, Pokemon GO. Specifically, players can take advantage of day and night, weather to their own advantage. Similar to The Witcher, players need to create bombs, drugs, etc to serve their battles.

The aim of the game is to get people away from the computer to exercise by walking around the neighborhood to collect monsters. However, The Witcher: Monster Slayer can still go into the trail of Pokemon GO. In the past, there have been a lot of accidents where Pokemon GO players are busy looking at their phones instead of at the road. Or gamers play so hard that they get lost.

CD Projekt fixes unnecessary mistakes like Pokemon GO. They may not allow monsters to appear around places with a lot of transportation. Or, they need to include an energy feature so that players can balance their gaming time.