Recently, game company Square Enix has officially announced on TGA 2020 event that they will launch a new game called Just Cause Mobile. The product will be developed on phones with iOS/Android platforms, for overseas distribution in 2021.

The producer representative said this is an open world action game. Players will experience the ultimate action shooting battles. This mobile game has built a full story mode with interesting developments so that gamers can adventure and enjoy an exciting role-playing space. You will destroy bad gangs along with your teammates.

Battle mode in the form of battle royale when allowing 30 players to join the battle is the highlight of this product. In addition, you can also fight bosses for a chance to receive attractive rewards falling from them. In the game, in addition to the different game modes such as single player mode, co-op coordination, online multiplayer combat, … the diverse aspect of weapons and helicopters is also noticed by gamers. Just Cause Mobile players will collect and use guns with modern designs, “pit” design of extremely powerful firepower. You can also upgrade your gun to many different levels, their appearance will also change.

This interesting mobile game was developed by Unreal Engine 4 that promises to create eye-catching combat activities. Gamers can also manipulate moving activities such as skydiving, wall-turning, high-bounce … The game is released for free on the iOS Android platform when it officially launches in 2021. All information about the game will be updated by us to the latest in the next post.