Marvel’s Avengers is a mobile game that has received a lot of positive reviews from professionals as well as gamers. Released on September 4, this game is considered a new wind for the old and outdated superhero game series in the past decade. Marvel’s Avengers has a pretty good story, great bosses, and flexible fighting mechanics. However, besides, it’s not difficult to see the disappointing weaknesses that still exist of Marvel’s Avengers. Hopefully in the next game, the developer of Marvel’s Avengers will have appropriate improvements to help the game truly become a superhero game genre.

Marvel’s Avengers has some audio and visual issues

While it’s still acceptable, it’s undeniable that Marvel’s Avengers has some technical problems. Usually when a new game comes out, there will be bugs, big and small, and developers need to fix those problems in the coming weeks. Marvel’s Avengers is no exception.

Players will likely notice a noticeable drop in frame rate in certain areas. When there are characters on the screen and many effects, sometimes Marvel’s Avengers is slowed down and annoying. This may be due to the limitations of current hardware, but the reality remains that the Avengers barely meet the needs of trying to do too many things at once.

There are also some videos with an out of sync sound. Gamers will see Bruce Banner’s lips move, but the words don’t match the image. This can really annoy a lot of people and be forced to remember that you’re playing a video game instead of living in the world of the Avengers.

Having been defeated or on a failed quest must wait a long time to continue playing

While players may not die or fail in a video game encounter, these aspects often contribute to the experience. You make mistakes and learn, try to do better next time. And if you wait too long while the screen keeps loading, it’s easy to get bored

Unfortunately, when playing Marvel’s Avengers there are times when you come across this. If you are caught in hiding, you will be forced to stare at the loading screen until you have another chance. If you miss an action, you can both … yawn while watching your favorite Avengers characters before starting the mission again.

And here’s the weird thing about this game: it doesn’t take long to reload. Sometimes you can immediately revive. At other times, you must wait twenty or thirty seconds before you can start over. This is really an issue that Marvel’s Avenger needs to fix quickly.

Multiplayer mode is not unique

Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer levels are nothing short of outstanding. Most of the time you appear in the middle of an empty area, with nothing but trees and mountains, which is pretty vague to start with. You need to run around trying to find something cool to do or not. And usually, after you’ve run out of legs, you’ll find a group of enemies patrolling.

You can search around, find more enemies and be able to locate some loot chests. You can then progress to your final destination: usually a room full of enemies, from weak to strong. Beat them and you’re pretty much done. It’s true that Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer levels are not attractive enough to players, creating a sense of exhaustion of ideas or lack of responsibility in the content design.