Death Come True is a hybrid horror game investigating the case from Japan with the entire cast of characters played by real people. Hybrid or genre game hybrid video game is becoming increasingly popular in the virtual world. The experience of a cinematic product but where the viewer can control the whole storyline always brings great experiences.

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Death Come True is the latest testament to that when it comes to an intriguing storyline and talented cast from Japan. Death Come True tells the story of Makoto Karaki – A young man accidentally found himself waking up in an unknown hotel.
Makoto’s mind is completely empty, unable to remember why he is here and how he can forget everything about himself. Walking around in the room hoping to find clues, Makoto accidentally finds a woman who is tied and unconscious in the bathroom. Before it was fully recovered, the sound of the news on the TV sounded, announcing that the police were hunting a serial killer. And he is Makoto.

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What is really happening? Mokoto himself, the player, you, the killer? All will be revealed when you go deeper into Death Come True. As with the movie hybrid games, Death Come True allows players to choose the action of each scene, deciding what the character will do and influence. how to the plot details later. It may be just simple sentences to find information but sometimes it becomes a turning point that determines the fate of a certain character. That’s why Death Come True has an extremely high replay value, for gamers looking for mysteries that have never been revealed before