Just Cause Mobile – Square Enix’s newest action shooter

Recently, game company Square Enix has officially announced on TGA 2020 event that they will launch a new game called Just Cause Mobile. The product will be developed on phones with iOS/Android platforms, for overseas distribution in 2021. The producer representative said this is an open world action game. Players will experience the ultimate action […]

Top 5 characters to use while playing the ranked Clash Squad in Free Fire

Clash Squad Rank is one of the more popular arcade game modes in Free Fire in addition to the regular battle royale. It brings the map gameplay “catch the flag” from the traditional shooter into the game. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the skills you should choose in […]

Genshin Impact received two nominations for The Game Awards 2020

Genshin Impact is once again the focus of attention when it is a Chinese game that is nominated for 2 categories of The Game Awards 2020 (TGA 2020). On November 19, the TGA 2020 nomination list was announced. MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact (Shanghai, China) won 2 nominations for Best Mobile Game and Best Role Playing Game. […]

Before The Dawn – Game fighting fantasy arrives in the SEA area

The mobile game Before The Dawn is currently open to pre-registration for the gaming community. You can claim to get more rewards when launching this product. This is a game released by FIFUN company, intended for the Southeast Asian market, originally in Thailand. Accordingly, players before joining the journey to destroy monsters will be able […]

Wannabe Challenge officially released in global

Recently, the collaborative product between the publisher Com2us and Day7, the role-playing mobile game Wannabe Challenge, has officially launched to global players. Wannabe Challenge tells a very new story about a female character who accompanies 4 of her friends on fashion design missions with the goal of becoming a social media star. With a true […]

Top 10 best adventure games for Android ( Part 1)

If you like to go into the magical world, full of characters you’ve never seen in real life, or go to more realistic places where things are a little less boring, you’ll find a mobile game in this mobile that you will enjoy. Krystopia: Nova’s Journey Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is an amazing puzzle adventure game […]

The free mobile app that allows you to play all PC games on your phone

Rainway is an application that allows you to play blockbuster PC games on your phone through streaming. With the era of multi-platform exploding, the need to experience a game on many different devices is increasing. This trend has been captured by the major game makers and deployed it into cloud gaming services, streaming games on […]

Top 5 Fortnite Mobile alternatives on iOS

After the total flop between Apple and Epic Games, which caused the latter Fortnite game to face a ban from all iOS platforms and devices, Battle Royale gamers are now looking for an alternative.However, the Fortnite Mobile iOS ban has undermined their fun, and for the past few weeks they’ve scoured Apple’s game store for […]

Genshin Impact announced a dense Update roadmap

Despite the “plagiarism” allegations, Genshin Impact is one of the biggest phenomena in the mobile game industry recently. In particular, Genshin Impact is considered to be the game originating from China with the most successful debut in the Western market. Genshin Impact makes a good impression by building a large, colorful open world that can […]