The mobile game Before The Dawn is currently open to pre-registration for the gaming community. You can claim to get more rewards when launching this product. This is a game released by FIFUN company, intended for the Southeast Asian market, originally in Thailand.

Accordingly, players before joining the journey to destroy monsters will be able to choose the main character classes. You can freely choose from 1 of 4 careers with different weapon choices to fight. Each school has its own unique forte. Character styling is also a notable trait when there is considerable creativity in a class.,

Players will use their own weapons such as guns, swords to destroy space monsters, fantasy monsters (such as mutant zombies) to win important points, level up, and unlock the skill. This is an MMORPG game and you will still do NPC quests and destroy monsters on the picnic map.

Players can also join alliances to add excitement while the game experience. In addition, PvP combat activities with the participation of the alliance will certainly be extremely exciting and attractive. You can also join the world boss hunting battle and have a chance to win many valuable items.

This mobile game is designed with 3D graphics. The colors of the game are displayed vividly as well as the sound is elaborately integrated. Currently, the game only supports the Thai language interface.