Attracting millions of players, reaching a huge amount of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, becoming a famous mobile game (number of players at the same time) in the top of Steam, … Among Us has has become a popular name in the gaming industry in recent years.

However, as a rule often happens for games with a large community: Among Us is becoming a victim of cheats (hack / cheat). On the forums and social networks of Among Us, you can easily recognize the “cry for help” of real gamers.

There are many forms of cheating being used by fraudsters in Among Us. Since the hack versions interfere with the system data, the “evil” Imposter characters can continuously “slaughter” other characters without limitation. On the contrary, the Crewmate character also has cheating software to see through who is Imposter, fast moving, “immortal” …

Some of the more “wicked” Among Us players did not use hacking software, but tried to cheat the game by playing with groups of close friends, then exchanging information with third-party communication software to take advantage of them. advantage of the game.

In the recent sharing, Among Us’s development team, InnerSloth has announced a specific plan to minimize hack / cheat. In the short term, Among Us’s account system will be upgraded and tweaked by InnerSloth, as a basis for developing a set of tools to track and report hack / cheat. In addition, an independent anti-hacking software is also a choice that InnerSloth is considering.