Absolutely mobile games must not be played in front of a lover and a parent

Typically, mobile game products are now created with the purpose of increasing the interaction between smartphone users. That is why a series of titles have been available to play online or at least help people sitting next to each other can discuss and chat about the content of that game. But not all like that, having the best-born game is for gamers to enjoy alone, especially male gamers.

Destiny Child
Destiny Child is one of many titles like this. In fact, the gameplay of Destiny Child is not much different from other mobile game products, especially in the card game genre. Destiny Child tells about the journey of a childish demon lord along with his female monsters. Players can collect and upgrade over 300 unique characters, and build a logical and strategic squad to ensure they can defeat the enemy.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 1.

However, what makes Destiny Child so attractive to male gamers is that this game possesses an array of characters shaped in extremely sexy and hot style. Although know that this is just a virtual character, but best gamers should not “show” these images in front of parents or lovers to avoid misunderstanding.
Boxing Angel
If Destiny Child belongs to the card game genre with a hot female cast, Boxing Angel goes in the direction of the fighting game series. Players will be immersed in the female boxers of boxing and how to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. It will not be worth discussing if these female fists do not own a sexy, beautiful body and no one dares to think that these weak limbs have the ability to “boxing” so strongly.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 2.

Boxing Angle experience gives players the excitement both in hand, in eyes and spirit. Because if you play classic boxing with the male characters, you have become “old as usual”, the appearance of the goddesses on this stage really becomes strange. Best gamers should not “boxing” in front of parents and lovers that should experience this interesting feeling alone.
Nancy’s Summer VR
If the two games mentioned above belong to two popular genres, Nancy’s Summer VR is somewhat more unique and interesting because of the requirement that players need a virtual reality device on mobile to be able to experience enough feeling that it brings. Being labeled 18+, Nancy’s Summer VR has graphics, gameplay, and the beautiful and hot female lead. Nancy’s Summer VR is a virtual reality casual game first launched around the end of 2016 on PC via Steam port, and then brought to mobile platforms for both Android and iOS.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 3.

In the game Nancy’s Summer VR, players will play the role of a photographer with a cute girlfriend to go to places with magnificent scenery, from beaches, resorts, nightclubs, to parks, bars. bar … with the aim of taking the best photos for your girlfriend. Pay attention to please and make her happy, otherwise you will be “kicked” there.
With the above two names, gamers can still be screened, Nancy’s Summer VR is almost only experienced alone, and it is best so that they will not be “kicked” in real life.

Top 5 characters to use while playing the ranked Clash Squad in Free Fire

Clash Squad Rank is one of the more popular arcade game modes in Free Fire in addition to the regular battle royale. It brings the map gameplay “catch the flag” from the traditional shooter into the game. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the skills you should choose in this mode.

About Team Clash

In this mode, 8 people from 2 teams will play against each other in the best 7-match series – the first team to win 4 matches will be the winner. Playzone for Clash Squad will be a small area in Kalahari or Bermuda.

Since you can only choose between a limited number of weapons and short rounds of play, it’s important to choose the right character’s skills to get the most advantage.

Which character to use in Clash Squad?


At the beginning of each round, you will get 235 HP instead of 200 HP as usual. Having more HP than the enemy is helpful in this mode, as you will be able to win 1 on 1 fights most of the time.


Alok’s skills are still the strongest in the game – healing and speed boosts are useful in all situations and this is no exception.


Jota’s continuous raid will heal you with a huge amount of HP after every kill you use with SMGs and Shotguns. These two weapon classes are much more powerful than normal in this mode – with the map confined to a small area.


You’ll have to fight continuously in this mode and nothing can beat Jai’s reloaded Furious in fighting multiple enemies. Once destroyed, half of your magazine will automatically fill up so you can continue participating.


The Joseph’s Nutty Movement is quite useful in melee situations – you can retreat to cover much faster than usual.

Genshin Impact received two nominations for The Game Awards 2020

Genshin Impact is once again the focus of attention when it is a Chinese game that is nominated for 2 categories of The Game Awards 2020 (TGA 2020).

On November 19, the TGA 2020 nomination list was announced. MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact (Shanghai, China) won 2 nominations for Best Mobile Game and Best Role Playing Game.

This news may not surprise many people because this game, when it launched on September 28, created a real fever. In just 1 week of release, the game earned $ 60 million, surpassing both PUBG Mobile and many other popular mobile games.

In fact, there have been many predictions in the past about whether this MMORPG will win the TGA. A few days ago miHoYo’s cross-platform game, Genshin Impact, was nominated for another award, the Golden Plume Award (China’s award) for Best Game of the Year.

For the two TGA nominees, the discussion in the gaming community was very hot. In general, many people predict that the product will win the Best Mobile Game award more than the award for Best Role-Playing Game.

Some games are said to be fierce competitors to games from China such as Among Us, Call of Duty: Mobile, Legends of Runeterra and Pokémon Cafe Mix.

While some role-playing games that are supposed to rival the original game are Final Fantasy 7: Remake, Persona 5: The Royal, Wasteland 3, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

According to observers, the richness of gameplay and innovation of Call of Duty: Mobile could compete with Genshin Impact. Although Among Us is a very excellent game, but this game is not great.
Regardless of the final results, the experts say that the MiHoYo game has 2 nominations of TGA 2020 is a remarkable achievement.

Before The Dawn – Game fighting fantasy arrives in the SEA area

The mobile game Before The Dawn is currently open to pre-registration for the gaming community. You can claim to get more rewards when launching this product. This is a game released by FIFUN company, intended for the Southeast Asian market, originally in Thailand.

Accordingly, players before joining the journey to destroy monsters will be able to choose the main character classes. You can freely choose from 1 of 4 careers with different weapon choices to fight. Each school has its own unique forte. Character styling is also a notable trait when there is considerable creativity in a class.,

Players will use their own weapons such as guns, swords to destroy space monsters, fantasy monsters (such as mutant zombies) to win important points, level up, and unlock the skill. This is an MMORPG game and you will still do NPC quests and destroy monsters on the picnic map.

Players can also join alliances to add excitement while the game experience. In addition, PvP combat activities with the participation of the alliance will certainly be extremely exciting and attractive. You can also join the world boss hunting battle and have a chance to win many valuable items.

This mobile game is designed with 3D graphics. The colors of the game are displayed vividly as well as the sound is elaborately integrated. Currently, the game only supports the Thai language interface.

Wannabe Challenge officially released in global

Recently, the collaborative product between the publisher Com2us and Day7, the role-playing mobile game Wannabe Challenge, has officially launched to global players. Wannabe Challenge tells a very new story about a female character who accompanies 4 of her friends on fashion design missions with the goal of becoming a social media star.

With a true storyline, charismatic characters, and attractive voices of famous actors are included in the game, now the Wannabe Challenge has attracted a huge number of fans in Korea. Another plus point is that the developer also cleverly integrates into the game characters with bold Korean personality and culture such as Goblins and Gat, this is expected to be a unique breakthrough contributing to the Wannabe Challenge. received love and interest in the global market.

Com2us plans to expand the content of the Wannabe Challenge at the start of the global service rollout and hopes to bring a whole new gaming experience to users around the world with language support English and Traditional Chinese in the game.

During this time, the game will also offer many attractive rewards for all players who have participated in the pre-registration event. In addition, gamers also have the opportunity to receive more in-game items on every server based on participation milestones.
What’s more, loads of fun events will take place during the Wannabe Challenge to celebrate the Halloween holiday season. When participating in the mission of the event, players can receive limited edition cards with the heroine’s 4 cool family friends.

Top 10 best adventure games for Android ( Part 1)

If you like to go into the magical world, full of characters you’ve never seen in real life, or go to more realistic places where things are a little less boring, you’ll find a mobile game in this mobile that you will enjoy.

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is an amazing puzzle adventure game where you have to explore a planet called Krystopia as a character called Nova Dune. She’s searching for the mystery inside this lost planet, through puzzles and exploring in point-and-click pattern – but tailored for mobile. There are many different quizzes about the story and things to explore.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky takes you into a dreamlike world where you have to bring the stars back to the sky, restoring the world to its normal state. This is a multiplayer game where you get to see other players’ ghost-like characters, amusing the world as you move around it yourself. You can learn gestures from adventures to interact with other players – it’s a game you can easily get caught up in.

Dungeon Dogs

Maybe, you don’t want to play the role of a human but instead want to be a hound. Dungeon Dogs is an adorable RPG that allows you to fight enemies, build villages, collect various items, and more. You will play as a team of puppies who want to destroy the evil cat king who treats dogs as if they were inferior animals. It’s a cute game that is very fun.

Samsara Room

As a slightly more creepy adventure game, the Samsara Room gets you stuck in a room with various ordinary-looking objects scattered around. You will need to find a way to escape, by solving puzzles you are still not clear about. The game has a story through as well as some really difficult puzzles for you to solve.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve has some dark graphics, offering an adventure game that challenges you to survive and explore a world full of crazy things. When night comes, you can go insane if you don’t have the light to keep you alive. There’s a storyteller-like character who banished you to this world, and if you’re strong enough, you can defeat them – or just find a way to survive forever.

The graphic blockbuster Mir4 is set to test in October

According to information from the Korean press, game company Wemade said that it will release a trial version of the mobile game MMORPG Mir4 on October 29. It is expected that the game will also be released in early 2020. This is a promising product in terms of graphics and will compete with titles of the same genre of other “giants” such as NCSoft, Netmarble …

Specifically, Mir4 Mobile game is developed according to the role-playing genre of many players. The game has a world setting based on the PC game version of The Legend of Mir 2 which was released in the land of kimchi from the past. This mobile version is a continuation of 500 years later with many new developments and events aimed at bringing gamers many interesting experiences.

This role-playing game will be divided into 4 main character classes including Warrior, Swordsman (almost Samurai), Mage and Taoist. Each profession possesses a main weapon with a system of unique combat skills. For example, the Warrior will have a knack for defense, extremely good armor / shield, and a large amount of HP. While Mages are good at magic, attack long range and counter the opponent …

The game builds many activities with the familiar PvE, PvP mechanism in the role-playing game. Players will unleash all over the place and perform many jobs. You can make friends, exchange and share, join alliances, trade freely, bounce strength …

The Wemade game has the ultimate Unreal Engine graphics, no less than the mobile AAA games of other Korean brands such as Lineage 2, Blade and Soul: Revolution, Tera Classic, V4 … Players will feel the grandeur and “hegemony” in each “combo” blow, as well as the vivid image of the monster and space creation.

According to the official announcement, this limited test will take place for 3 days from October 29 to 31 to improve service quality before the game officially launches. This is quite a short period of time. Currently, gamers can still register on the homepage of this game to wait for Closed Beta.

The free mobile app that allows you to play all PC games on your phone

Rainway is an application that allows you to play blockbuster PC games on your phone through streaming.

With the era of multi-platform exploding, the need to experience a game on many different devices is increasing. This trend has been captured by the major game makers and deployed it into cloud gaming services, streaming games on computers, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Among these, Rainway is an outstanding application that allows you to play blockbuster PC games on your phone via the streaming method. The app supports connections with all types of controllers, including standard controllers like DualShock or Xbox One, and works best with wireless controllers.

Besides the development of the gaming portal apps, game streaming apps also quickly develop and become popular today. Rainway app was brought to the Android operating system after nearly a year of launch on iOS. This is an app that lets you play any of your favorite PC games on your phone with the best-layered power in streaming technology.

Rainway is an app that lets you play any of your favorite PC games on your phone

The Android version promises great visual experiences, whether gaming in the comfort of your couch or while out and about. It is compatible with all controllers, including your Dualshock or high-end Xbox One controller. If you are the type of person who likes touch controls, they are said to be responsive and optimized as much as possible.

With the latest version of Rainway released, the 4G LTE network is enhanced, while also adding support for 5G network connectivity. According to CEO and co-founder Andrew Sampson, this is the first game streaming service to bring a new solution for people to tomorrow’s technology today when it can connect to 5G networks.

The Android app is compatible with Android Lollipop or higher. The setup process is as simple as keeping your phone connected to your desktop, then you can easily access your game library with just one touch.

While most gamers use Steam links to stream their library of PC games on their phones, Rainway allows you to stream games purchased elsewhere including Epic Games Store and GOG.


In the latest version, Rainway has improved 4G connectivity and 5G support, becoming one of the first applications to support this new generation connectivity standard. If you feel interested and want to try you can find the application on the Apps Store and Play Store, the application is completely free and continues to develop and upgrade in the future.

Top 5 Fortnite Mobile alternatives on iOS

After the total flop between Apple and Epic Games, which caused the latter Fortnite game to face a ban from all iOS platforms and devices, Battle Royale gamers are now looking for an alternative.
However, the Fortnite Mobile iOS ban has undermined their fun, and for the past few weeks they’ve scoured Apple’s game store for titles that could be as interesting and addictive as Fortnite Mobile.

So if you are one of the many unfortunate people still looking for an alternative to Fortnite Mobile, then we have the perfect list for you today.

1. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is one of the newest sandbox titles in the block and has a lot of similarities to Fortnite. However, in terms of gameplay, it’s closer to PUBG Mobile
You are dropped on the map by a plane, started looting and fighting right away like Fortnite. But that said, the most promising aspect of Rules of Survival is that one of its maps is called Fearless Fiord, which can hold up to 300 gamers, and that’s quite unique for a title. battle royale game.
Rules of Survival has gained a lot of popularity since the end of this year and is currently reaching 50 million downloads, with a rating of 4.5 on iOS.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile will be one of the best alternative to Fortnite on iOS, as it offers an incredibly enjoyable experience.
In addition to realistic graphics and flexible character controls, the game also has many different game modes. In addition to the battle royale genre’s features, it also offers modes like deathmatch 5v5, CoD Black Ops, and more.
However, the realistic graphics are like a double-edged sword for Call of Duty Mobile. It takes up more space than the Fortnite game.

3. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is not exactly an easy game to play and it comes with many unique mechanics.
These features have made Cyber Hunter a sought-after game in today’s competitive iOS market.

Cyber Hunter’s anti-cheat system isn’t great, and if you’re planning on experiencing this game, be prepared to face a few hackers on your server.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

The most interesting feature in Garena’s Free Fire is its fast speed. Like Call of Duty Mobile, the game feels very smooth with character models that are easy to control.
Each Free Fire match takes about 10 minutes to end and that’s exactly what makes the game so popular with fans. Since it comes with its very own voice chat feature, you won’t have to rely on any third-party apps every time you want to chat with your friend.

5. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale features a game mode that revolves around a battle royale system consisting of 32 players per match, and each match lasts around 5 minutes, giving you a bit of tension amid your busy schedule.

Genshin Impact announced a dense Update roadmap

Despite the “plagiarism” allegations, Genshin Impact is one of the biggest phenomena in the mobile game industry recently. In particular, Genshin Impact is considered to be the game originating from China with the most successful debut in the Western market.

Genshin Impact makes a good impression by building a large, colorful open world that can be explored by players using a variety of methods. In addition, the battle mechanism of the game is also very unique thanks to the ability to change many characters, as well as the fighting mechanism with unique elements. Currently in play is attracting and maintaining a large community of gamers, including many gamers of all three platforms PC, mobile and PS4.

Before the initial success of Genshin Impact, developer MiHoYo has just announced plans to launch serial updates of the game. Accordingly, there will be three updates will be released 1.1 (11.11.2020), 1.2 (23.12.2020) and 1.3 (02.2021).
Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact will mainly fix the current bugs of the game, with the ability to lock items, the ability to quickly use items, and customize the function of the buttons (which is of most concern). Version 1.2 will introduce an entirely new area called Dragonspine Mountain, while version 1.3 will feature the Lantern Rite Festival event.

Among Us started to be attacked by fraud

Attracting millions of players, reaching a huge amount of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, becoming a famous mobile game (number of players at the same time) in the top of Steam, … Among Us has has become a popular name in the gaming industry in recent years.

However, as a rule often happens for games with a large community: Among Us is becoming a victim of cheats (hack / cheat). On the forums and social networks of Among Us, you can easily recognize the “cry for help” of real gamers.

There are many forms of cheating being used by fraudsters in Among Us. Since the hack versions interfere with the system data, the “evil” Imposter characters can continuously “slaughter” other characters without limitation. On the contrary, the Crewmate character also has cheating software to see through who is Imposter, fast moving, “immortal” …

Some of the more “wicked” Among Us players did not use hacking software, but tried to cheat the game by playing with groups of close friends, then exchanging information with third-party communication software to take advantage of them. advantage of the game.

In the recent sharing, Among Us’s development team, InnerSloth has announced a specific plan to minimize hack / cheat. In the short term, Among Us’s account system will be upgraded and tweaked by InnerSloth, as a basis for developing a set of tools to track and report hack / cheat. In addition, an independent anti-hacking software is also a choice that InnerSloth is considering.