Absolutely mobile games must not be played in front of a lover and a parent

Typically, mobile game products are now created with the purpose of increasing the interaction between smartphone users. That is why a series of titles have been available to play online or at least help people sitting next to each other can discuss and chat about the content of that game. But not all like that, having the best-born game is for gamers to enjoy alone, especially male gamers.

Destiny Child
Destiny Child is one of many titles like this. In fact, the gameplay of Destiny Child is not much different from other mobile game products, especially in the card game genre. Destiny Child tells about the journey of a childish demon lord along with his female monsters. Players can collect and upgrade over 300 unique characters, and build a logical and strategic squad to ensure they can defeat the enemy.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 1.

However, what makes Destiny Child so attractive to male gamers is that this game possesses an array of characters shaped in extremely sexy and hot style. Although know that this is just a virtual character, but best gamers should not “show” these images in front of parents or lovers to avoid misunderstanding.
Boxing Angel
If Destiny Child belongs to the card game genre with a hot female cast, Boxing Angel goes in the direction of the fighting game series. Players will be immersed in the female boxers of boxing and how to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. It will not be worth discussing if these female fists do not own a sexy, beautiful body and no one dares to think that these weak limbs have the ability to “boxing” so strongly.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 2.

Boxing Angle experience gives players the excitement both in hand, in eyes and spirit. Because if you play classic boxing with the male characters, you have become “old as usual”, the appearance of the goddesses on this stage really becomes strange. Best gamers should not “boxing” in front of parents and lovers that should experience this interesting feeling alone.
Nancy’s Summer VR
If the two games mentioned above belong to two popular genres, Nancy’s Summer VR is somewhat more unique and interesting because of the requirement that players need a virtual reality device on mobile to be able to experience enough feeling that it brings. Being labeled 18+, Nancy’s Summer VR has graphics, gameplay, and the beautiful and hot female lead. Nancy’s Summer VR is a virtual reality casual game first launched around the end of 2016 on PC via Steam port, and then brought to mobile platforms for both Android and iOS.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 3.

In the game Nancy’s Summer VR, players will play the role of a photographer with a cute girlfriend to go to places with magnificent scenery, from beaches, resorts, nightclubs, to parks, bars. bar … with the aim of taking the best photos for your girlfriend. Pay attention to please and make her happy, otherwise you will be “kicked” there.
With the above two names, gamers can still be screened, Nancy’s Summer VR is almost only experienced alone, and it is best so that they will not be “kicked” in real life.

Which countries have canceled the current PUBG Mobile ban?

Specifically, many countries even issued a ban on this game. Fortunately, a few of those countries have lifted bans with this battle royale game.


PUBG Mobile was temporarily banned in Pakistan in early July 2020. The decision was taken by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority after local officials were concerned about the addictive nature of the game and its negative impact on the game. the youth of the country.

In a statement by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority through a press release, “PTA has received a lot of warnings to stop PUBG Mobile because of its addictive ability, wasting time and causing negative effects. serious problems to the physical and psychological health of young people “.

Officials give time for the community to respond to the plan to ban PUBG Mobile. Later, a lawsuit against the ban was filed with the Islamabad Supreme Court demanding the cancellation of the ban. After a few weeks, the court ordered the authorities to cancel the restraining order.


PUBG Mobile was banned in Nepal in April 2019. The Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) banned the game after a district court ruling.

Dhiraj Pratap Singh, representative of the authorities, said: “We have received some feedback from parents and schools about the impact this game has had on children. We have discussed with the doctors when asking the Kathmandu District Court to ban the game.
However, after several lawsuits were filed with the Supreme Court of the Himalayas, the Tencent game ban was lifted.


In September, Tencent’s survival game was banned by the Indian government and many other Chinese applications. So far, many stakeholders are pressing for the ban to be removed.

The lifting of the ban on PUBG Mobile so far is still desired by the gaming community as well as by Krafton. Information about the new version released by the Korean game company is circulating in the community.

It seems that the fate of the new PUBG Mobile will be changed as now hope is leading a reality.

Project Doll – Super cute game project from Bilibili

On December 24, the mobile game Project Doll developed and released by Bilibili Games officially opened for pre-registration. This is a “flagship” product of the company in the casual game line with the theme of girls and guys.

Currently, the game is in the process of preparing for player release and recently revealed some feature images that made fans admire.

Accordingly, you will own yourself a beautiful and stylish doll girl. Currently, this new game has achieved an authorized cooperation with 4 famous BJD brands: Asleep Eidolon, DollZone, GEM, XAGA.

You can find exclusive doll figures that are present in the Chinese game studio’s game. Including boys and girls dolls. In the game, players can choose and combine designs, costumes, fabrics and clothing colors according to their wishes to create the most vivid dolls.

In addition, the doll also has a hairstyle, hat, gloves, shoes … Various accessories can also be customized according to your own preferences. Gamers can model with extreme precision, making the most personal and beautiful dolls in your eyes.

The mobile game builds a surreal setting, you can indulge in taking care of your doll in a cozy room space. Project Doll Mobile players can hand-decorate different furniture, create their own baby doll house.

Next time, Bilibili’s mobile game will also conduct a limited test in the Chinese market. According to the publisher, the game will open for testing from 11:00 on January 16, 2021 to 18:00 on January 23.

The last time for gamers to complete the registration is 12h00 on January 5, 2021. The testing platform will be Android, iOS. All test data will be deleted after the Closed Beta period ends.

Final Fantasy 11 Mobile is discontinued

Square Enix teamed up with Korean developer Nexon in an effort to create a remake of the MMORPG Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy 11 Mobile game. The two sides have high expectations for the game, but things do not seem to be going smoothly in the implementation process and the product cannot be released as planned.

According to a new report from the Korean game site MTN, Nexon has no longer participated in the production and development of Final Fantasy 11 Mobile. This is a development-oriented version that inherits previous PC and console products, realizing the immersive world on mobile.

Final Fantasy 11 is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Square Enix. This is the 11th installment of the Final Fantasy series. Designed and produced by Hiromichi Tanaka, the game was released in Japan on May 16, 2002 for PlayStation 2 and PC. This is also the first MMORPG of the Xbox 360.

The story is set in the fantasy world of Vana’diel, where player-created avatars can both compete and collaborate with different goals to develop skills and earn in-game item rewards. Gamers can perform a variety of missions through the game’s main storyline system.

This new mobile version is part of a series of activities towards the 20th anniversary of the release and launch of MMO Final Fantasy 14. However, the game can not be completed and must be put aside, really making the fan community of the series. out of regret. Square Enix definitely needs to take into account more viable projects in the future.

Just Cause Mobile – Square Enix’s newest action shooter

Recently, game company Square Enix has officially announced on TGA 2020 event that they will launch a new game called Just Cause Mobile. The product will be developed on phones with iOS/Android platforms, for overseas distribution in 2021.

The producer representative said this is an open world action game. Players will experience the ultimate action shooting battles. This mobile game has built a full story mode with interesting developments so that gamers can adventure and enjoy an exciting role-playing space. You will destroy bad gangs along with your teammates.

Battle mode in the form of battle royale when allowing 30 players to join the battle is the highlight of this product. In addition, you can also fight bosses for a chance to receive attractive rewards falling from them. In the game, in addition to the different game modes such as single player mode, co-op coordination, online multiplayer combat, … the diverse aspect of weapons and helicopters is also noticed by gamers. Just Cause Mobile players will collect and use guns with modern designs, “pit” design of extremely powerful firepower. You can also upgrade your gun to many different levels, their appearance will also change.

This interesting mobile game was developed by Unreal Engine 4 that promises to create eye-catching combat activities. Gamers can also manipulate moving activities such as skydiving, wall-turning, high-bounce … The game is released for free on the iOS Android platform when it officially launches in 2021. All information about the game will be updated by us to the latest in the next post.

Snail’s mobile game won the top prize at Golden Plume Award

A few days ago, the results of the Golden Plume Award were announced to the community by the organizers. After months of fierce competition with many competitors, Snail was honored to win 2 awards for their 2 mobile games.

The two products, Darkness and Light Mobile, won the award for the most anticipated mobile online game and City of Heroes II, which won the award for the most anticipated mobile game and excellent original mobile game. This once again demonstrates Snail’s excellent research and development capabilities.

Darkness and Light Mobile is a sandbox (open world) role-playing game in an attractive fantasy survival style adapted to mobile phones. In this game, the design maker has 3 races (Humans, Elves and Dwarves). Your race needs to be initially selected and determined when participating in the game. Each type possesses magic power and different abilities in a life of free adventure.
City of Heroes II is an epic war strategy mobile game developed by Snail. The game applies an AI simulation system based on historical documents of different civilizations, builds strategy as well as creates a vivid civilization, recreates the battle history of humanity in won territory.

According to the professional council, since its inception, Snail has always had a great vision to create the best mobile games. The company has a business philosophy of “taking technology as the core, towards product value”, and is committed to providing users with a better experience. In recent years, based on a change in product strategy. Export, Snail has been at the forefront of participating in the sandbox game segment in China, while actively deploying games in this area. You will see that its products have a majestic game scene, the image quality is very cared for, vivid details with top notch visual effects … Many games use the Unreal 4 Engine, providing similar experiences. satisfied with the eyes.

Over the past 15 years, the Golden Plume Award has been an established prestigious award of the Chinese game industry, along with CGDA (for game developers). Attractive and valuable products will be honored and recognized through the awarding of this award. In 2020, many competing games showed a fierce race on the mainland market.

Top 5 characters to use while playing the ranked Clash Squad in Free Fire

Clash Squad Rank is one of the more popular arcade game modes in Free Fire in addition to the regular battle royale. It brings the map gameplay “catch the flag” from the traditional shooter into the game. In this article, we will list everything you need to know about the skills you should choose in this mode.

About Team Clash

In this mode, 8 people from 2 teams will play against each other in the best 7-match series – the first team to win 4 matches will be the winner. Playzone for Clash Squad will be a small area in Kalahari or Bermuda.

Since you can only choose between a limited number of weapons and short rounds of play, it’s important to choose the right character’s skills to get the most advantage.

Which character to use in Clash Squad?


At the beginning of each round, you will get 235 HP instead of 200 HP as usual. Having more HP than the enemy is helpful in this mode, as you will be able to win 1 on 1 fights most of the time.


Alok’s skills are still the strongest in the game – healing and speed boosts are useful in all situations and this is no exception.


Jota’s continuous raid will heal you with a huge amount of HP after every kill you use with SMGs and Shotguns. These two weapon classes are much more powerful than normal in this mode – with the map confined to a small area.


You’ll have to fight continuously in this mode and nothing can beat Jai’s reloaded Furious in fighting multiple enemies. Once destroyed, half of your magazine will automatically fill up so you can continue participating.


The Joseph’s Nutty Movement is quite useful in melee situations – you can retreat to cover much faster than usual.

Genshin Impact received two nominations for The Game Awards 2020

Genshin Impact is once again the focus of attention when it is a Chinese game that is nominated for 2 categories of The Game Awards 2020 (TGA 2020).

On November 19, the TGA 2020 nomination list was announced. MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact (Shanghai, China) won 2 nominations for Best Mobile Game and Best Role Playing Game.

This news may not surprise many people because this game, when it launched on September 28, created a real fever. In just 1 week of release, the game earned $ 60 million, surpassing both PUBG Mobile and many other popular mobile games.

In fact, there have been many predictions in the past about whether this MMORPG will win the TGA. A few days ago miHoYo’s cross-platform game, Genshin Impact, was nominated for another award, the Golden Plume Award (China’s award) for Best Game of the Year.

For the two TGA nominees, the discussion in the gaming community was very hot. In general, many people predict that the product will win the Best Mobile Game award more than the award for Best Role-Playing Game.

Some games are said to be fierce competitors to games from China such as Among Us, Call of Duty: Mobile, Legends of Runeterra and Pokémon Cafe Mix.

While some role-playing games that are supposed to rival the original game are Final Fantasy 7: Remake, Persona 5: The Royal, Wasteland 3, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

According to observers, the richness of gameplay and innovation of Call of Duty: Mobile could compete with Genshin Impact. Although Among Us is a very excellent game, but this game is not great.
Regardless of the final results, the experts say that the MiHoYo game has 2 nominations of TGA 2020 is a remarkable achievement.

Before The Dawn – Game fighting fantasy arrives in the SEA area

The mobile game Before The Dawn is currently open to pre-registration for the gaming community. You can claim to get more rewards when launching this product. This is a game released by FIFUN company, intended for the Southeast Asian market, originally in Thailand.

Accordingly, players before joining the journey to destroy monsters will be able to choose the main character classes. You can freely choose from 1 of 4 careers with different weapon choices to fight. Each school has its own unique forte. Character styling is also a notable trait when there is considerable creativity in a class.,

Players will use their own weapons such as guns, swords to destroy space monsters, fantasy monsters (such as mutant zombies) to win important points, level up, and unlock the skill. This is an MMORPG game and you will still do NPC quests and destroy monsters on the picnic map.

Players can also join alliances to add excitement while the game experience. In addition, PvP combat activities with the participation of the alliance will certainly be extremely exciting and attractive. You can also join the world boss hunting battle and have a chance to win many valuable items.

This mobile game is designed with 3D graphics. The colors of the game are displayed vividly as well as the sound is elaborately integrated. Currently, the game only supports the Thai language interface.

Wannabe Challenge officially released in global

Recently, the collaborative product between the publisher Com2us and Day7, the role-playing mobile game Wannabe Challenge, has officially launched to global players. Wannabe Challenge tells a very new story about a female character who accompanies 4 of her friends on fashion design missions with the goal of becoming a social media star.

With a true storyline, charismatic characters, and attractive voices of famous actors are included in the game, now the Wannabe Challenge has attracted a huge number of fans in Korea. Another plus point is that the developer also cleverly integrates into the game characters with bold Korean personality and culture such as Goblins and Gat, this is expected to be a unique breakthrough contributing to the Wannabe Challenge. received love and interest in the global market.

Com2us plans to expand the content of the Wannabe Challenge at the start of the global service rollout and hopes to bring a whole new gaming experience to users around the world with language support English and Traditional Chinese in the game.

During this time, the game will also offer many attractive rewards for all players who have participated in the pre-registration event. In addition, gamers also have the opportunity to receive more in-game items on every server based on participation milestones.
What’s more, loads of fun events will take place during the Wannabe Challenge to celebrate the Halloween holiday season. When participating in the mission of the event, players can receive limited edition cards with the heroine’s 4 cool family friends.

Top 10 best adventure games for Android ( Part 1)

If you like to go into the magical world, full of characters you’ve never seen in real life, or go to more realistic places where things are a little less boring, you’ll find a mobile game in this mobile that you will enjoy.

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is an amazing puzzle adventure game where you have to explore a planet called Krystopia as a character called Nova Dune. She’s searching for the mystery inside this lost planet, through puzzles and exploring in point-and-click pattern – but tailored for mobile. There are many different quizzes about the story and things to explore.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky takes you into a dreamlike world where you have to bring the stars back to the sky, restoring the world to its normal state. This is a multiplayer game where you get to see other players’ ghost-like characters, amusing the world as you move around it yourself. You can learn gestures from adventures to interact with other players – it’s a game you can easily get caught up in.

Dungeon Dogs

Maybe, you don’t want to play the role of a human but instead want to be a hound. Dungeon Dogs is an adorable RPG that allows you to fight enemies, build villages, collect various items, and more. You will play as a team of puppies who want to destroy the evil cat king who treats dogs as if they were inferior animals. It’s a cute game that is very fun.

Samsara Room

As a slightly more creepy adventure game, the Samsara Room gets you stuck in a room with various ordinary-looking objects scattered around. You will need to find a way to escape, by solving puzzles you are still not clear about. The game has a story through as well as some really difficult puzzles for you to solve.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve has some dark graphics, offering an adventure game that challenges you to survive and explore a world full of crazy things. When night comes, you can go insane if you don’t have the light to keep you alive. There’s a storyteller-like character who banished you to this world, and if you’re strong enough, you can defeat them – or just find a way to survive forever.