Absolutely mobile games must not be played in front of a lover and a parent

Typically, mobile game products are now created with the purpose of increasing the interaction between smartphone users. That is why a series of titles have been available to play online or at least help people sitting next to each other can discuss and chat about the content of that game. But not all like that, having the best-born game is for gamers to enjoy alone, especially male gamers.

Destiny Child
Destiny Child is one of many titles like this. In fact, the gameplay of Destiny Child is not much different from other mobile game products, especially in the card game genre. Destiny Child tells about the journey of a childish demon lord along with his female monsters. Players can collect and upgrade over 300 unique characters, and build a logical and strategic squad to ensure they can defeat the enemy.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 1.

However, what makes Destiny Child so attractive to male gamers is that this game possesses an array of characters shaped in extremely sexy and hot style. Although know that this is just a virtual character, but best gamers should not “show” these images in front of parents or lovers to avoid misunderstanding.
Boxing Angel
If Destiny Child belongs to the card game genre with a hot female cast, Boxing Angel goes in the direction of the fighting game series. Players will be immersed in the female boxers of boxing and how to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. It will not be worth discussing if these female fists do not own a sexy, beautiful body and no one dares to think that these weak limbs have the ability to “boxing” so strongly.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 2.

Boxing Angle experience gives players the excitement both in hand, in eyes and spirit. Because if you play classic boxing with the male characters, you have become “old as usual”, the appearance of the goddesses on this stage really becomes strange. Best gamers should not “boxing” in front of parents and lovers that should experience this interesting feeling alone.
Nancy’s Summer VR
If the two games mentioned above belong to two popular genres, Nancy’s Summer VR is somewhat more unique and interesting because of the requirement that players need a virtual reality device on mobile to be able to experience enough feeling that it brings. Being labeled 18+, Nancy’s Summer VR has graphics, gameplay, and the beautiful and hot female lead. Nancy’s Summer VR is a virtual reality casual game first launched around the end of 2016 on PC via Steam port, and then brought to mobile platforms for both Android and iOS.

Những game mobile tuyệt đối không được chơi trước mặt người yêu và phụ huynh, lý do thì ai cũng biết rồi đấy - Ảnh 3.

In the game Nancy’s Summer VR, players will play the role of a photographer with a cute girlfriend to go to places with magnificent scenery, from beaches, resorts, nightclubs, to parks, bars. bar … with the aim of taking the best photos for your girlfriend. Pay attention to please and make her happy, otherwise you will be “kicked” there.
With the above two names, gamers can still be screened, Nancy’s Summer VR is almost only experienced alone, and it is best so that they will not be “kicked” in real life.

Top 3 most used sniper rifles in Call Of Duty Mobile

Sniper rifles have always been a top weapon in any Call of Duty version. The high power and almost absolute precision of this gun are enough to appeal to every gamer. With COD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile is no exception when this game has a lot of sniper guns to choose from. If you are struggling to know which is the best choice for you, please refer to the top 3 most used guns that I summarize below.

1 – DL Q33

At one point, the DL Q33 was the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile. However, as the seasons passed, more sniper rifles were born and the DL Q33 was slightly repositioned. Of course, this doesn’t dissuade this gun, on the contrary, the DL Q33 is still considered one of the best in its class thanks to its high lethality and solid accuracy.

The fast action nature of the DL Q33 means you won’t be able to shoot multiple shots in semi-automatic mode. However, if you can hit the upper body, you should have no problem using this weapon in COD Mobile.

2 – Locus

Next up is the Locus sniper rifle, introduced in Part 2 of COD Mobile. It fell from number one due to its relatively slow aiming time.

However, its damage is much better than that of the DL Q33, which is why it ranks second on the list, not third. Using the attached accessory on the Locus might improve its weaknesses, but it’s not enough to be number one on the list.

3 – Kilo Bolt-Action

So technically the Kilo Bolt-Action is a Marskman Rifle, not a sniper. However, we still lump together with snipers due to the many similarities that the genres share. That said, the Kilo is possibly the best weapon of all COD Mobile and not just the sniper / sniper rifle type.

It boasts high damage, great rate of fire, and terrible accuracy. It is also possible to use Ironsights, which only improves its overall abilities.

Top games like Call Of Duty Mobile (Part 1)

There are plenty of high-quality shooters like COD Mobile on the Google Play Store. Gamers can try games similar to COD Mobile in the games below.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been available for download since March 2018. The adaptation of Tencent’s popular PC game goes in a similar format: massive battles with 100 players from all over the world. It’s a best option when it comes to similar titles to Call of Duty Mobile.

Though this is one of the most realistic Battle Royales out there. The gamer’s Android mobile device or tablet doesn’t need high specs to start playing, only 2GB RAM and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher.


It’s hard to give an explanation at this point on how this game has made it to the world in recent years. Fortnite on Android has millions of downloads, and it’s no surprise it’s in the top 3 of all mobile shooters right now.

However, the game can only be downloaded from the Epic Games website at this time. Be careful when starting to play as it can affect each gamer’s personal life. As stated by Divorce Online, Fortnite is one of the leading causes of divorce in 2018.

Modern Combat Versus

This first-person shooter (FPS) puts the player as an agent who must go to the battlefield to destroy all his enemies. You can participate in 4v4 multiplayer battles or gamers can decide to form their own team to play with gamers from other parts of the world.

Gem players can easily control the characters. In addition, the quality graphics will help players fully immerse themselves in the confrontations. A great choice for titles like Call of Duty Mobile.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is one of the best games similar to COD Mobile for Android. The player’s goal is to save humanity by completing more than 200 missions in the game, which take place in 4 different territories. To achieve this, players will have hundreds of weapons, equipment, skills, and accessories.

Dead Trigger 2

One of the most played titles in the category of mobile and tablet shooters. In this game, gamers will not get tired of destroying zombies with all kinds of military weapons. This is the game with the best graphics that players can find on a mobile phone.

Dead Trigger 2’s success is due to the fact that it is currently completely free. This makes Dead Trigger 2 one of the best titles like Call of Duty Mobile on this list.

The Witcher Pokemon Go-style monster catcher is coming soon

Recently CD Projekt Corporation has officially released the game The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This is an interactive virtual reality game through the prism of your phone. The game is set in The Witcher and your goal is to go out and collect as many monsters as possible. This is an extremely interesting combination between the gameplay of Pokemon GO and the universe of The Witcher.

This game has many outstanding improvements compared to its predecessor, Pokemon GO. Specifically, players can take advantage of day and night, weather to their own advantage. Similar to The Witcher, players need to create bombs, drugs, etc to serve their battles.

The aim of the game is to get people away from the computer to exercise by walking around the neighborhood to collect monsters. However, The Witcher: Monster Slayer can still go into the trail of Pokemon GO. In the past, there have been a lot of accidents where Pokemon GO players are busy looking at their phones instead of at the road. Or gamers play so hard that they get lost.

CD Projekt fixes unnecessary mistakes like Pokemon GO. They may not allow monsters to appear around places with a lot of transportation. Or, they need to include an energy feature so that players can balance their gaming time.

Some rifles with strong power in PUBG Mobile

The assault rifle is the most used gun line in PUBG Mobile– a hottest mobile game-by gamers because of its versatility and efficiency.

Gamers who regularly use Assault Rifles as their favorite weapon in most shooters and PUBG Mobile is no exception.

The assault rifle does great damage and works almost perfectly in close to mid-range duels. Most ARs have high recoil but are reliable and stable. This article will discuss about the most powerful Assault Rifles available in PUBG Mobile

The Groza is a rare assault rifle exclusive to PUBG Mobile. It deals 47 damage and uses 7.62mm ammo. The gun also has a high rate of fire of 0.080 seconds and a magazine of 30 rounds.

Groza’s high rate of fire, combined with its stability is an extremely effective weapon, making it a gamer’s first choice.

M416 is one of the most used weapons in the game. It deals a total of 41 damage. The gun has the size of 30 rounds and uses 5.56mm ammunition. It has an excellent rate of fire and takes just 0.0857 seconds between shots.

Most gamers consider M416 as one of the most stable and reliable assault rifles in the game.

The AUG A3 is an exclusive rare weapon. It has a damage power of 41 and uses a 5.56mm ammo. The gun has a high rate of fire of 0.08571 seconds and comes with a magazine of 30 rounds.

The AUG A3 is easy to maneuver and does great damage in close-range battles. Weapons don’t depend on a lot of accessories for their effectiveness.

Beryl M762
The Beryl M762 is a common weapon on the map. It has 46 outstanding damage and uses 7.62mm ammo. The gun has a high rate of fire of 0.086 seconds and is loaded with 30 rounds

The Beryl M762 surpasses the AKM for 4th place on this list because of its ability to reduce recoil significantly when using the right accessories.

The AKM is a standard spawning weapon with a very high lethality 47. It uses 7.62mm ammo and has a 30 bullet magazine. The gun has a slow rate of fire of 0.100 seconds and a recoil that is difficult to control.

AKM deals serious damage and can take down enemies with just a few shots in the head.

Resident Evil 7 reached Capcom’s top-selling game of all time

Resident Evil 7 became the best-selling game in the Resident Evil series, beating out Resident Evil 5 to take the top spot with 200,000 units. Spanning over two decades and numerous gaming consoles, Resident Evil is without a doubt one of the oldest and most iconic games in the platform’s history. Over the years, the series has become more and more blockbuster giant, the subsequent installments in the series have earned millions of dollars when released.
Until recently, the best-selling game in the iconic horror series was Resident Evil 5 with a whopping 7.7 million copies. The fifth game, however, has been usurped by a much newer successor, with reports confirming that Resident Evil 7 has finally taken the throne as the best-selling Resident Evil game of all time. It’s also the second best-selling Capcom game of all time behind Monster Hunter World, currently selling 16.1 million copies.

Resident Evil 7 lọt top game bán chạy nhất mọi thời đại của Capcom

Remakes of the series have achieved a staggering 7.9 million copies during its lifetime, which is extremely impressive considering the difference from the formula established in the original versions. Resident Evil in advance. Instead of continuing the third-person intense survival horror style of the first series or the more action-packed style of the following installments, Resident Evil 7 instead chose to focus on the first-person perspective to create the distinct from its predecessors. It goes back to the essence of the survival horror game while taking some big risks, cutting out many of the best aspects of Resident Evil to recreate itself into a game that can thrive today. .
Apparently, its greatest risks paid off. This is a good sign for Resident Evil 8: Village that will capitalize on the same style that made the 7th installment of the series such a huge hit. The sequel will premiere on next-generation consoles in 2021, with the plot going on much broader than the Baker family, with protagonist Ethan exploring a strangely infected snow village. some new enemies have never seen. It is clear that the game will capitalize on the similar dramatic nature of the previous installment with werewolves, wizards, and most oddly the longtime mainstay of the Chris Redfield series seems to take on the villains.

Resident Evil 7 lọt top game bán chạy nhất mọi thời đại của Capcom - ảnh 1

It seems Resident Evil 7 is a huge leap for the company, it’s great to see a re-creation of such a successful long-standing game with a huge number of loyal gamers. Now that Resident Evil 7 is the second most successful title in Capcom’s history, gamers can probably expect to see many of its titles try something completely new as things get old.
Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, PSVR, and Xbox One.

Disaster games

When a video game is released, no one can be sure it will succeed or fail. This is a fact that has been verified over the years. Sometimes a game that seems to fail will suddenly get a lot of success, and sometimes a game that seems to be in high rating will experience unexpected failure. And unfortunately, when that happens, someone will pay the price, the truth is that many studios have gone bankrupt with underrated products, the following names are some examples.
Epic Mickey 2 (Junction Point Studios)

Tưởng là bom tấn, nhưng những tựa game sau lại thành thảm họa, khiến các studio phá sản, đóng cửa ngay tắp lự - Ảnh 1.

Epic Mickey is a brand associated with a dark, different from the familiar image in the Disney universe, this is the product of Deus Ex creator Warren Spector. This strange creation attracted a certain number of buyers at the beginning of the series.
Given Epic Mickey 2’s underperforming performance, Disney reportedly laid off developer Junction Point’s staff for two months. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that Disney had decided to completely close Junction Point Studios.
In another development, it seems that the closure of Junction Point and the failure of the Epic Mickey franchise also put an end to the plans for the two spinoffs. One section titled Epic Disney Racers can see a lot of Disney characters in a Mario Kart-style racing game. The other is an Epic Mickey-style game starring Donald Duck.
Too Human (Silicon Knights)

Tưởng là bom tấn, nhưng những tựa game sau lại thành thảm họa, khiến các studio phá sản, đóng cửa ngay tắp lự - Ảnh 2.

The sci-fi action game Too Human is truly fascinating, but still a failure, and this failure depends on many other aspects, not related to the game itself. As Forbes has revealed, the game appears to have spent an awful amount of money and took so many years to complete, leaving its revenue inadequate to make up for it. However, what happens next really determines the fate of the developer of this game, Silicon Knights.
After the failure of Too Human, Silicon Knights took the publisher Epic Games to court. Silicon Knights alleges that Epic deducted necessary funds from the production process, which resulted in their end product being underperformed. This resulted in a reverse lawsuit from Epic Games itself. And it’s bitter that the subsequent investigation into Too Human’s manufacturing process ended with a negative outcome for Silicon Knights.
The judge ruled that Epic was not only innocent of the allegations, but also discovered that Silicon Knights had apparently stolen some lines of code from Epic to use for some of their games. This led to a decision by a court to force Silicon Knights to recall and destroy copies of Moo Human, which also affected several other Silicon Knights developing products. This shock led to Silicon Knights declaring bankruptcy shortly after the lawsuit.

Haze (Free Radical)

Tưởng là bom tấn, nhưng những tựa game sau lại thành thảm họa, khiến các studio phá sản, đóng cửa ngay tắp lự - Ảnh 3.

Haze has received a lot of skepticism since its debut. A few months before its release, the game was hyped as “the guy who will bring down Halo.” In other words, it had a lot of pressure before it hit the shelves. Better yet, as former chief executive Steve Ellis told Engadget, the Haze development team is constantly under pressure to add new features to the market. game by publisher Ubisoft.
Haze then witnessed a series of delays, as well as a bizarre marketing campaign that fundamentally ruined major aspects of the plot. The game has received a poor sales return and has been rated extremely badly. Haze was seen as a disappointment, especially after all the promises made by the developers. After losing tons of money in the development of Haze, Free Radical is almost no longer viable. After liquidating his contract with LucasArts (the company originally identified to develop Star Wars: Battlefront 3), Free Radical was forced to shut down.

PUBG Mobile is the highest-grossing mobile game in the world in the second quarter of 2020

According to a report made by Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile is the world’s highest-grossing mobile game in Q2 2020.

Worldwide player spending on mobile games has increased by over 27%, reaching a turnover of $ 13.9 billion. Meanwhile, with 2.7 billion game downloads in the second quarter, compared to 1.8 billion in Q1, India became the leading region in terms of game downloads, followed by the United States and Brazil. Overall, the U.S. has shown a slight increase in downloads and more than 1.4 billion downloads in both quarters. Brazil generated nearly 1.1 billion installs in Q1, with a 9% increase to 1.2 billion in the second quarter.

PUBG Mobile chính là tựa game di động có doanh thu cao nhất thế giới trong quý 2 năm 2020

Sensor tower shares:
PUBG Mobile from Tencent was the world’s top-grossing game in the second quarter of 2020, generating nearly $ 621 million this quarter. This figure has decreased by 8% compared to Q1 2020, when it achieved $ 674.5 million. The pinnacle of PUBG Mobile arrived in March, just before the end of the quarantine in China, at about $ 270 million.

PUBG Mobile chính là tựa game di động có doanh thu cao nhất thế giới trong quý 2 năm 2020

The United States led the game in revenue in the first half of 2020, with more than $ 10 billion earned in the first half. User spending increased by 24.4% from $ 4.5 billion in Q1 to $ 5.6 billion in Q2. Japan ranked second, with players spending more than $ 8 billion in the first half.
In China, game revenue dropped 8.6% from $ 3.5 billion in Q1 to $ 3.2 billion in Q2. The region’s App Store reached 743 million in Q1, but down 35.8 %, earned only 477 million in the second quarter.

The ongoing blockade and quarantine caused by the Covid-19 epidemic certainly helped the mobile gaming industry to grow significantly. For those at home and looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained, mobile games on all platforms are beneficial. A record spending on games like PUBG Mobile has also happened due to the isolation measures taken around the world.

Samurai Shodown – Legend of Samurai reveals the roadmap to launch Southeast Asia

The Samurai Shodown game will be released in Southeast Asia by VNG in August, before the Vietnamese version.
Samurai Shodown is Tencent’s RPG role-playing game then authorized VNG to distribute to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. According to the share from the publisher, this mobile game “is adapted from the famous Samurai Shodown game, which is inherited the Japanese style of Samurai with Combo Skill screens that require the player to have precise manipulation. to finish off the enemy. “

Samurai Shodown - Huyền Thoại Samurai hé lộ lộ trình ra mắt Đông Nam Á

The game has a story about the rise of dark Samurai. Players will play the role of a Samurai hero along with the main characters like Haomaru and the blind knight to stop and destroy the enemies. Currently, the game Legend of Samurai is available on Android app store.

Samurai Shodown - Huyền Thoại Samurai hé lộ lộ trình ra mắt Đông Nam Á

Recently, the SEA game management board has announced the roadmap for launching this game. Accordingly, the following timelines correspond to the release of the game according to the schedule:

  • July 29: Register in advance
  • August 11: Close the registration
  • August 12: Officially launched Samurai Shodown
    Players will play familiar character classes from the original, with the appearance of Haohmaru, Ukyo Tachibana, Nakoruru, Galford, Genjuro, Hanzo Hattori … Japanese bold. When playing, you will feel like you are experiencing an authentic anime or manga movie. Players complete the mission and proceed to upgrade the character to the highest level possible.

Samurai Shodown Mobile game owns 3D graphics, locks the view, and enhances the action to give players the ultimate combo screen. Not only that, but the image of the character is also carefully designed, elaborately from the appearance of the shape to the system of costumes that change flexibly when owned. The game also creates a highlight with a vibrant platform, blood fire.

Death Come True – Real Japanese gameplays

Death Come True is a hybrid horror game investigating the case from Japan with the entire cast of characters played by real people. Hybrid or genre game hybrid video game is becoming increasingly popular in the virtual world. The experience of a cinematic product but where the viewer can control the whole storyline always brings great experiences.

Death Come True for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Death Come True is the latest testament to that when it comes to an intriguing storyline and talented cast from Japan. Death Come True tells the story of Makoto Karaki – A young man accidentally found himself waking up in an unknown hotel.
Makoto’s mind is completely empty, unable to remember why he is here and how he can forget everything about himself. Walking around in the room hoping to find clues, Makoto accidentally finds a woman who is tied and unconscious in the bathroom. Before it was fully recovered, the sound of the news on the TV sounded, announcing that the police were hunting a serial killer. And he is Makoto.

Adventure Game Death Come True Announced For iOS, Android | Touch ...

What is really happening? Mokoto himself, the player, you, the killer? All will be revealed when you go deeper into Death Come True. As with the movie hybrid games, Death Come True allows players to choose the action of each scene, deciding what the character will do and influence. how to the plot details later. It may be just simple sentences to find information but sometimes it becomes a turning point that determines the fate of a certain character. That’s why Death Come True has an extremely high replay value, for gamers looking for mysteries that have never been revealed before